Cornejo Materials & Cornejo Quality Stone is a leading producer of construction and crushed stone aggregates produced from a natural deposit of limestone. Our products include fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, and crushed stone.


Through daily inspections and testing at our certified lab, Cornejo Materials Quality Control Team assures our products meet and exceed federal, state and city specifications.

Fine Aggregates

Cornejo Materials’ product lines include aggregates used as base rock in roads, parking lots, driveways and highways. Our wide variety of sand products include concrete, pipe bedding, mason sand and sand for golf courses, playgrounds and gardening projects. Landscapers and homeowners can also find a great selection of river rock and top soil.

Coarse Aggregates

Cornejo Materials knows how the right size aggregate affects the strength and durability of your projects. We take great care during the various stages of our quarrying process to produce the size and proper specifications of aggregates to meet the needs of our customers.

Our coarse aggregates are used in various ways including as an aid in erosion control and water filtration, and as a base material under parking lots, runways, highways and railroad ballast. The coarse aggregates are also used in combination with other resources to produce concrete and asphalt.

We produce the following coarse aggregates:

  • ASTM 57 Concrete Rock
  • ASTM 67 Concrete Rock
  • ASTM 33 Concrete Sand


Quarry & Stone

Cornejo Quality Stone has aggregate products that are used in a wide variety of construction projects, including roadways, commercial and residential building, bridges and much more. Our facilities maintain on-site technicians to ensure that our construction aggregates are of the highest quality and meet government specifications. Cornejo Quality Stone also utilizes railroad operations at select material locations within our marketplace, which allow us to fulfill the needs of our customers through delivery of crushed stone to multiple regions at competitive rates.