CDR is a division of Cornejo & Sons that operates both a concrete and asphalt recycling center and a construction and demolition landfill — both of which help to minimize waste and protect the environment. Our concrete and asphalt recycling center accepts bulk broken concrete and asphalt from all sources. We then crush the material into various sizes and recycle it for use in new construction and paving projects.

The construction and demolition landfill can be used for safe disposal of construction and demolition waste with tipping fees substantially lower than fees at transfer stations or solid waste landfills. Construction and demolition waste is screened so that metals and other recyclable materials can be removed allowing for approximately half of the material to be recycled and reused. We also operate a special burner to burn, clean and dispose of lumber, trees and yard waste efficiently.

CDR complies with Kansas statutes regarding acceptable and unacceptable waste for our landfills. Review a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items.